Making the Most of Your Lifestyle Lounge Membership

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Making the Most of Your Lifestyle Lounge Membership

We’ve all been there: You finish work, you’ve got a few hours to kill before your next activity, and you’re thinking of ways to pass the time. You could grab a bite to eat, watch a show, or maybe even hit the gym. But no, you stay home instead. Unless you have a home gym and other similar facilities, you’ll probably have to make do with the equipment you have at your disposal. Which means you’ll probably have to make do with doing your work out at home. Which sucks, no matter how much you love your home gym. If you’re anything like us, this probably sounds frustrating. But that’s where a lifestyle membership comes in. These kinds of memberships give you access to a wide range of gyms, fitness centers, recreation centers, and other fitness venues in an area. They’re perfect for people who want to stay active no matter where they are, but don’t have the space for a home gym. And with a bit of smart planning, you can make the most of your home life and your membership, too. Here’s how you can do that.

Know What You’re Getting Into

The first thing you should do is know what you’re getting into. Think about all the fitness centers in your area and find out which one suits you best. There are tons of different types, so it can be difficult to choose just one. Maybe there’s a place that has a pool, or maybe they have tennis courts, or maybe they have the equipment you need for weightlifting. Whatever combination of features is important to you, make sure to take that into account when choosing a gym membership.

Strategize Your Workout

This one might seem obvious, but it’s worth paying attention to.

If you love working out at home, your membership will likely only be a supplement for some of your workouts. That’s not a problem – especially if you concentrate on the times when you can’t make it to the gym and work out at home. But if you want to get the most out of your membership, plan your workouts accordingly. If you have access to a pool or a yoga class, make sure those are part of your routine. If there’s an exercise equipment that doesn’t fit in your house, but you’re dying to try it out, go ahead and use that too!

Incorporate Anybody and Everything

If you have a lifestyle membership, you’ll have access to a range of facilities. Which means you’ve got to figure out where everything is and how to get there. You’ll need to take into account traffic, parking, and other factors before you head out. And then, when it comes time for your workout, you might find yourself wondering what equipment can be found in the club you’re at.

With that said, the best way to make the most of your lifestyle membership is by incorporating anybody and everything into your routine. This means that if work lets out at 5pm on Thursday, for example, you could go for a quick run before heading home. Or if it’s Monday night and you’ve already hit the gym during the day, maybe try hitting up a yoga class on Wednesday morning instead. The point is that there’s always something new waiting for you at your club of choice; so don’t limit yourself!

Get to Know the Staff

The staff at your gym is an invaluable resource, and you should take advantage of them. Whether you’re interested in learning about a new class, taking a tour of the facilities, or just have some questions to ask, they’re there to help. One great way to make the most of your membership is by getting to know the staff. When you get to know them better, they’ll be able to provide more personal and valuable assistance for you. They might even give you a heads up on any upcoming events or programs that could benefit from your attendance.

Make Smart Choices

It’s tempting to use your membership as much as you can when you first sign up. To get the most out of your membership, add some balance to your schedule. Try to allocate at least two days out of the week for staying in and working out, and two days for going to a fitness center or gym. That way, you can maximize the benefits of your lifestyle membership.

Just Because Doesn’t Mean You Have to

If you’re like us and need a break from your house, we recommend heading to the gym. It’ll be good for your physical health, and it might even help you on the mental front, too. If you don’t have time to wait around for the bus and then wait around at the gym, though, there are still options.

Bottom Line

Bottom line, lifestyle memberships are an excellent way to stay active and make the most of your time. If you have a membership, use it to its fullest potential. This can include taking advantage of the variety of facilities that your membership gives you access to. It’s also important to plan ahead. Plan out your week and have a list of activities that you want to do so that you don’t waste time waiting for inspiration or motivation. If you have a lifestyle membership, why just spend your time at home? Go out there and take full advantage!

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